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As a member of B. O. K. International Group which was established in 1994, FuzhouVista Trading(Fuzhou), Ltd is specialized in developing and manufacturing, and trading specialty all kinds footwear. Today our lines include bowling rental shoes,children's shoes and water-proof golf shoes. To enhance our core competitive ability, we are expanding our product lines to therapeutic and comfort footwear categories. Based on this strategy, though our current annual manufacturing capacity is 1 million pairs with two (2) production lines, it is expected to be 2 million pairs in 5 years.   By implementing ISO2000: 9001 Quality Management Standard and 5S System, we are fully committed to assuring that shoes of good quality are delivered at reasonable price and in a timely manner. In 2009, our firm was approved by BSCI to be with the most-accepted working conditions and social responsibilities. Over the past decade, B. O. K. Group has become a reliable manufacturer and supplier for many internationally-reputable brands such as Brunswick, Hi-Tec

Founded in 1994, B.O.K. International Group is specialized in developing, manufacturing and exporting kids shoes, bowling shoes, golf shoes and therapeutic shoes. We export more than one million pair shoes every year ... VIEW DETAIL